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We are here to do the work of Jesus...which we understand to be to offer rescue from fear, loneliness, worry and mistakes... to people who feel left out of this life...to people who feel let down by those around them...to people who are disappointed about how things have turned out...to people who want to start again, turn around...or just come home.


We are an enthusiastic community of Christians proudly belonging to the heritage, values and theology of the Methodist denomination in the UK. There have been worshipping Methodist communities in Rotherham since the 1700's, and over the last 300 years, throughout the astonishing changes in nation and neighbourhood, this group of Christians has continued to develop a faithful, serving, witness.  Today we remain motivated by the love, forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ, and will tell anyone who wants to listen that there is a new kingdom and a new way of life through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The current Circuit is home to several congregations and ministries, which are our practical acts of love for our town.  You can find links to them on our web pages above.


I can assure you of a warm welcome...several surprises and a fresh perspective on Jesus of Nazareth who is far from finished with his church...and far from finished with you or me...


Rev Karen Beecham -  Minister


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