We love baptisms...both adults and children!  We baptise all who have not already been baptized, want to follow Jesus Christ and who are willing to declare publicly that they believe.  We also baptize the children of Christian parents who wish to bring up their child in a Christian home, so that the child may 'confirm' those vows for themselves when they are old enough to do so.


Each Church has slightly different arrangements for Baptisms, so its best to contact the minister of the church you have in mind. There is no charge for a baptism in any of our congregations.


Wedding Fees for 2017      £525 


Marriage is one of God's greatest ideas and we really enjoy helping couples prepare for one of the most important days of their life. Our Wedding Services are Christian acts of worship with a distinctively personal touch, with plenty of humour and sacred moments.


We require that every couple attends our Marriage Preparation Course over 2 Saturday mornings in our City centre church. Although most couples fear it will be preachy or boring,  actually 90% say that it was 'excellent, interesting, inspiring or very helpful', and most incorprate aspects of the course in their marriage service.


Its best to contact the minister of the church you have in mind by clicking here for details.